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Do Tech Toys Restrict Creativity?

Do Tech Toys Restrict Creativity?

| June 29, 2013

I’ve just seen a couple of new toys that blow the humble crayon out of the water.

This is the Digitools set from Crayola:

And Leapfrog have got in on the tech-enriched action with their new read & write LeapReader pen.

Although these toys are impressive, and I can see the appeal to both children and parents, I do have a concern about them and their ilk.

Isn’t the play a little prescriptive? Where is the freedom to write and draw whatever the heart desires.

I was reluctant to give my children coloring books when they were younger. Instead I encouraged them to freestyle on plain paper.

On the plus side, they do encourage the acquisition of pen control skills, so perhaps a mix of time with these toys, and traditional art equipment would be ideal.